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Custom made newborn toys for your newborn photos

studio newborn photography in Auckland

I believe newborn photography is one of a kind. It’s unique and very special. Don’t get me wrong all family photos are very precious but speaking about newborns it’s even more true.

Babies grow up and change so fast you don’t even realize. In a short 4 weeks time they change dramatically. Newborn photos can be the best way to freeze the moment and keep it forever.

Your baby is so tiny and fragile. These little fingers, sweet cheeks, pink toes. Everything is so-so cute and tiny. I love to show how cute and tiny your newborn is. That’s why I use special newborn toys for my sessions. These could be little cute toys your baby can hug and snuggle. All my baby toys are custom made and tailored for newborn hands and fingers. They are small enough to fit newborn hands. They are so cute and make the photo even more lovely.

On the other side the toy can be much bigger than the newborn. It shows how tiny the baby is. These newborn photos are a bit surreal and very special. Do you know how to achieve cuteness overload? Photograph a kitten with a newborn :)

Trust me, a newborn hugging a tiny adorable bunny-toy is double cuteness overload. Custom made toys add a unique touch to your newborn photos. They make newborn portraits a real gem. Every single baby is so precious and the only one in the whole world! I want to show that in my photos and make these photos very special and outstanding. I want them to be not like many others. I believe your newborn photos can be different from the others. They can be one and only.

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