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Being cheap or being amazing

Have you ever thought what does “an affordable photographer” mean? When you are looking for a professional to take photos of your new brand baby do you really put money first? What is most important to you - your baby’s safety, amazing photos, going up and beyond your expectations re the session or finding “an affordable photographer”?

There are some key differences between casual family session and newborn photography (and wedding photography I reckon). Honestly speaking there is only one chance to take newborn photos for your baby. And they should be one of the kind. It should be an easy and relaxing experience for both the baby and you, parents. It should be stress-free and exciting journey. And the photos are to be perfect. 

When you come to a doctor you trust him. When you come to your yoga master you trust him. You are sure they are the best. You know they will help you to get the result you want. You are ready to rely on their experience and believe they do their best to help you. When you are looking for a specialist you are looking for a good one not a cheap one, aren’t you?

I’m not a cheap photographer, I’m a good one. I’m unique and you won’t find another Auckland newborn photographer of the same style and with the same setups. With every single session styled and decorated with my amazing setups and props you’ll be impressed how easy going the session is. It’s a beautiful and relaxing journey capturing the sweetest moments of your newborn. I’m patient and experienced. I’m very flexible and follow the baby to create the photos you’ll treasure for years. With more than 150 babies photographed I have my own tips and tricks to make any newborn happy and comforted. At almost every session I can hear “Wow, I wish I could comfort my baby as good as you! He/she is sleeping like an angel!”

After the session you’ll get the photos as hi-res digital files. It means there’s no need to pay extra for printed copies. You are most welcome to use any print shop you like. To bring a smile to your face I’m happy to gift you 2 10x15 printed photos of your choice. It’s nice to have them printed, eh?

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