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Annual Bella Mama Photoshoot - announce and invitation

Pregnancy is an amazing period of life! It’s a spiritual journey to the greatest mystery in the world - new life. It’s a time of expectant waiting and preparation, it’s a time of huge changes, emotionally and physically. It’s a time of entering into a vocation, motherhood, an experience filled with joy, peril, courage and, above all, love.

As a maternity and newborn photographer and to celebrate the miracle of pregnancy and motherhood I’m happy to be a co-host of Annual Bella Mama Photoshoot. Together with BellaMama we are welcoming all the pregnant and postnatal mamas to join us for a day full of fun, laugh, and love. Being a part of community, sharing your experience, enjoying being natural in your pregnancy - it will be all about you.

All-new Bella Mama Annual Photoshoot will be done on Feb 1st, 2020 in Long Bay. Take your picnic plate, share the news, invite your friends, and make it popular! Highlights of the photo-shoot :

* You will get to explore your bump along.

* Meet with other mommas on the same journey.

* An hour long chat session with the world famous baby sleep consultant Dorothy Waide

* An hour long session with the famous yoga consultant Gabriel Heymann

* Photo-shoot with Lifestylephoto, a very experienced Auckland Maternity photographer.

* Last but not the least, all the beautiful mommas will get the Bella Mama belly balm, Bella Mama $20 voucher and the awesome beach photographs.


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