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Best time for a maternity photo shoot - is it too late or too early?

Just recently I had a newborn photoshoot and the couple told me they were very keen to have a maternity session first, followed by a baby shoot. They thought to wait till 36-37 weeks so the baby bump is bigger, more visible and photos will be better. But sth went another way and she had to go to hospital for some reason in her 33 weeks. The baby decided to arrive earlier than expected.

outdoor maternity photo shoot in Auckland

They didn’t manage to do the maternity session and they were very sad about it. To be honest, it’s not the first time I hear that story. It happens quite often. When you are in your 2nd trimester you might think your belly will be always small. It’s not true! Starting 3rd trimester your baby starts growing very fast and so does your belly. 32-33 weeks are ideal for a maternity photo shoot.

When you are in your 32-33 weeks, your baby bum is nice, round and visible. It’s not too hard for you to walk, to pose or stand for a photo. And we have some flexibility time wise if we have to reschedule for any reason. So, don’t wait till the very last week. Drop me a message when you are in your 25-27 weeks and I’ll arrange the best time for your photo shoot.


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