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Cake smash for 2 years old - yes or no?

Cake smash photo shoot is a trendy way to celebrate your little one's second birthday in a fun and memorable way. The idea behind this is to let your child indulge in a cake without any reservations, which eventually results in smashing it all over the place, creating a beautiful mess in the process.

cake smash photo shoot for a child in studio in Auckland

This kind of photo session takes place in a studio or outdoors, and usually lasts for about an hour. Before the shoot, you can customise the cake's design and colour according to your child's likes and interests to make it an extraordinary experience for them.

During the shoot, your child is free to do whatever they want with the cake - smash it, eat it, throw it, or even roll in it, while the photographer captures those priceless moments! The images captured during this session usually make for an amazing photo book or wall decoration to remind you of your child's second birthday.

Not only is the cake smash photo shoot an excellent way to celebrate your child's birthday, but it also allows for wonderful family moments and creates memories that will be cherished forever. So, go ahead and let your little one have a ball at their cake smash photo shoot and enjoy every precious moment of this special day!


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