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Cake Smash - your expectations vs reality

Coming to a baby photo shoot you might have different expectations on your baby’s behaviour. You might think he’ll behave and give you lots of smiles. Or you might think he’ll be shy and stay in one place throughout the session. You might think…. The thing is you never know how it will go!

studio cake smash and baby photos in Auckland

I have photographed more than 300 babies of various ages. And the best expectations you might have from the session - no expectations at all. Speaking a cake smash photo shoot - some babies love the cake and it’s a real struggle to stop them even when the cake is completely smashed. Some babies don’t want even to touch the cake and they done’t like cream on their little hands and fingers. Some babies are very relaxed and feel comfortable when I take photos. Some babies don’t want to sit in the props and they are sure that mum’s laps are the best place for them. And it’s all good!

So, what to do if your expectations are not met? Just relax and breathe out. Calm down, count to ten and try to smile. The more nervous you are, the more unsettled is your baby. Calm down yourself and just let the baby be. Give him hugs and cuddles if needed, sit next to him in the props, do funny thing to make him smile and let me do the rest. I’m sure, even if you think the photo shoot is a complete mess and disaster, you’ll be surprised with nice photos of your happy little one.


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