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Can I take my fur baby to the photo shoot?

If you have a fur baby I can imagine you are very keen to include him into your photo shoot, right? Either it’s a maternity session, an outdoor family walk or a studio baby photo shoot, your puppy is more than welcome to join us.

outdoor family photo shoot Auckland

If we go for an outdoor session I can suggest a few dog-friendy parks and beaches which will be good for taking photos and where dogs are allowed, on or off leash. If I come to your place, there’s no need to lock your dog in a separate room. Let him in to the shooting space, I don’t mind. I love pets and I’m absolutely fine with your fur baby taking part in the session. I’ll also try to do a couple of photos for your baby and puppy together if you want it.

Pets are also allowed in my studio place. Bring your pup in and we’ll incorporate him into the photo shoot.

I know your puppy is a member of your family and it would be very sad to leave him away so don’t think twice. Bring your doggy to the photo shoot and let me capture your family with no one left behind.


Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer


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