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Choosing a cake for a cake smash photo shoot

Cake smash isn’t possible without a cake. Choosing a cake for a photo shoot we want it to be beautiful and match the setup. But that’s not all!

studio cake smash photo shoot auckland

During the photo shoot we want the baby smash the cake, right? it means the cake should be soft enough. Hard solid fondant cakes are not ideal as they are quite hard to be smashed by a baby. Sponge cakes covered with cream or icing are much better.

If you decide to go for a cake smash session with me, you are most welcome to bring your own cake. Ask me if you are not sure, what cake will be better and I’ll help.

Otherwise, I’m happy to arrange the cake for you. As a professional photographer I know what works better. I’ll do the cake that will match the setup and theme of the session. And another bonus - you don’t have to worry about it, or spend your time to order the cake and pick it up. I’ll do it for you.


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