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Choosing a Setup for Your Newborn Photo Session

newborn baby boy, studio newborn photography
studio newborn photography Auckland

Choosing a setups might depend upon your personal taste and preferences, there’s no such things as right or wrong. And of course newborn girls are looking so gorgeous in blue, grey and other “not-so-pink” colours!

 Before the newborn photo shoot I always ask Mum about her preferences re colours and setups. I ask her to send me any reference pics she might like and would like to duplicate for her baby. Or I suggest to style the photo shoot to my taste and style. I always try to make my newborn photos different and not to repeat each other. I like to keep the variety and diversity. Even during one session my setups are different in colours and the props I use. Thanks to that I’m able to deliver various photos for your baby and the whole gallery looks awesome!

 To make my newborn photography even more special I’m using lots of tiny accessories and details - cute bonnets and hair bands for girls, sleepy hats for boys, tiny crochet toys which are so good for small baby’s hands. 

I put so much attention and love into my props. I have a wide collection of wraps, buckets, baskets, hair accessories, hats. Some of them are bought from overseas from the best newborn vendors, some props is crafted by myself, some is a good find from the local craft shops. I don’t like to use some general stuff which is so common and widely used. I love to make every single photo out of a kind and special. I believe my passion and love put into it enrich my newborn photos with a special warm touch.

Being a newborn photographer I know how hard it might be to choose a setup for your baby. To make things easier for you I decided to create two galleries - one for newborn boys, the other one - for newborn girls. Have a look, mark your faves and message me to book the session for your bundle of joy.

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