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Do you provide maternity gowns for the photo shoot?

‘Your dresses are very comfortable and so nice to skin’ - I heard it multiple times and yes, it’s very true! I have a wide collection of maternity dresses available for your in-door and outdoor photo shoots. And I’m very proud how comfortable and beautiful they are.

outdoor maternity photo shoot Auckland

I choose my dresses very wisely paying attention to the fabrics, style, color. I check that they are stretchy and show your baby bump in the best way. I know what styles look better for photos and select the gowns accordingly. I have dresses with and without sleeves. Some gowns are loose and ‘flying’ and some of them fit your shape quite tight and show the belly. But I can definitely say - each and any of them will make you feel like a queen!

Getting ready for the photo shoot, you are most welcome to choose the gowns you’d like to wear and I’ll bring them to the location. I also have my popup changing room with me. It helps to change the gowns without any stress no matter where we are - on the beach, in a park or near the waterfall.


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