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How to setup your kid birthday photo shoot at home?

Your child is growing up and his next birthday is coming soon. Usually it’s only the first birthday which is photographed professionally. But you want every birthday to be memorized and you take birthday photos every year, do you? Here are some general tips for setting up a birthday photo shoot by yourself:

cake smash and kid birthday photo shoot in Auckland

1. Choose a neutral or simple background that won't be too distracting from the main focus - the cake and the child.

2. Use natural lighting if possible, such as near a window or outside. Avoid harsh direct sunlight.

3. Have a high chair or prop that the child can sit in comfortably while eating the cake.

4. Use a cake that is visually appealing and matches the overall aesthetic of the photo shoot.

5. Make sure to have plenty of wipes and towels on hand for clean-up, as well as a change of clothes for the child in case things get messy.

6. Consider adding some decor or props such as balloons, bunting or flowers to add some color and visual interest to the setup.

7. Take a variety of shots from different angles and distances to capture all the messy and fun moments.

Trust me, baby and kids photography is lots of fun! Add the cake and be ready for some mess and amazing photos you’ll cherish for years!


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