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Locations for a maternity session - how many and how to choose?

Recently I’ve got quite a few requests if we can do more than 1 location during a maternity photo shoot. Well, we can but it’s not worth it. Let me explain

outdoor maternity photo shoot in Auckland

When we are getting ready for a photo shoot, I always ask if you have any preferences for the location - beach, trees, waterfall? The secret is - all my locations offer 1 main feature - like a beach or the waterfall - and several more spots and backgrounds for photos.

Speaking about the waterfall location - there’s the waterfall, trees, wooden stairs, nice wooden bridge, grassy spots. If we go for a beach - we’ll have the beach, trees, rocks, sea view. All those different spots are in a short walking distance from each other. Once we arrive to the location, there’s no need to drive any further. We can just walk from one place to another and take photos.

It helps us to keep the session time reasonably short. You save your money as you don’t have to pay for a longer session. You are not so tired which is even more true speaking ladies who are very pregnant.

If you are still unsure where to go for your session - ask me. I’ll send you a few photos taken on different locations so you can have an idea and decide. I’m here to help!


Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer


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