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Maternity gowns - from my collection or bring your own?

There’s one thing that I really love about maternity photo shoots. It’s when you bring your own outfit. It can be a traditional dress, smart casual clothes or a gown which very special for you. It gives a very personal touch to the photos making them one of a kind.

outdoor maternity photo shoot Auckland

I have a wide collection of beautiful maternity dresses which you are welcome to borrow for the session at no extra cost. They are very comfortable, good to skin and look amazing in photos. And another bonus - you don’t have to buy them nor to think what to do with them after the photo shoot.

So, choosing dresses from my wardrobe might be a wonderful decision. However if you have a particular outfit which is very meaningful to you - bring it in! Or ask me if you are not sure if it will be good or not


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