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Maternity photo shoot - when is the best time?

I’m very pleased you read my posts, both on IG and FB! It means a lot to me and I’m sure I’m not ‘writing to the table’ (there’s such a saying in my language meaning you are doing smth just for yourself and nobody else will be able to see it). You may ask me why do I know? I’ll tell you

outdoor maternity photo shoot Auckland

I have lots of request for a maternity photo shoots planned for 35-36 weeks. And I always try my best to do it earlier - in your 32-33 weeks. I think I post it every week or two, explaining the reasons and giving arguments.

A few weeks ago I’ve got a message from a lady whose maternity session was planned for end of May. She told me that she’d like to do her photo shoot earlier. She read my recommendations to do the pregnancy shoot in 32-33 weeks and decided it’s a good idea. So she was asking if I’m available sooner.

I had an availability, we did the photo shoot and once we were done she agreed it was a right decision. Having the photo shoot done a few weeks later might be too hard for her.

outdoor maternity photo shoot Auckland

Well, no pushing, just a real story told by a real person


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