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Morning, middle of the day or afternoon - what time is better for a photo shoot?

Quite often you ask me to arrange an outdoor photo shoot in the middle of the day and quite often I reply it’s not the best idea. That’s why:

outdoor maternity photo shoot in Auckland

- Photographing during the early morning or late afternoon provides a more conducive environment for photography as the sun is not in its highest position, thereby preventing the formation of harsh shadows and unflattering highlights. During these times, the sun's rays are less intense, and the light is more diffused, which creates a more even and balanced light source for the photographs.

- Shooting during the early morning or late afternoon also adds a warm tone to the pictures, creating a more pleasing and natural look. The low angle of the sun during these times also helps to accentuate the textures, details, and colors, enabling you to capture more vibrant and lively images.

Overall, shooting during the early morning or late afternoon makes the process easier and more comfortable for you. I know it might take some efforts to get everyone ready I the morning and drive to the location but a photo shoot is a quite unique experience and it’s worth some efforts, agree?


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