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So, what to wear for a photo shoot?

Let’s go further into taking maternity (or any other) photos at home. After you decided what you are taking photos of and who is in the photos, you might want to think about the clothes. So, what to wear for a photo shoot?

maternity photo shoot auckland

If you are taking maternity photos, you might agree these photos are about you and your bump, not about the clothes. So, keep your outfit simple. Solid neutral colors work perfectly. Choose basic clothes which is simple but nice. No busy patterns or logos. If there are several people in the photo try to choose the clothes which is matching in colors and style.

Next step is to choose the right place for taking photos. It might be a room with plenty of natural light. However we don’t want the shadows to be too harsh. It means if the day is too bright you might want to cover the window with a semi-transparent curtain to soften the shadows. 
Try to avoid busy backgrounds. A wall, a window, a solid-colored sheet will work.

And of course tidy up the space. The rule is simple - if you don’t want it in the shot, move it away.

Sounds really easy, isn’t it? Now it’s time to practice and move your photography to the next level!


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