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Talk to your photographer!

Choosing your photographer might be daunting. Let me share a few thoughts on that and probably give you some ideas. Photography is a very subjective thing. ‘Good photos’ might mean absolutely different things to different people. For example, you might not like yourself in the photo while all others are sure it’s a great picture of you.

candid lifestyle family photo shoot at home in Auckland

Looking for a photographer, check his portfolio first. Look at the style, think if you like the photos, can you imagine yourself in this kind of pics? Think about photos you like and want to get and if those pics are similar to what you see on the photographer’s web-site and FB page. If it’s all good, move on to the next step.

Another important thing - talk to your photographer! Word out your expectations and clarify all your doubts and questions. There’s no silly questions here and it’s much better to be sure you are talking the same language. For you ‘a good family photo’ might mean everyone is standing still and looking to the camera. For your photographer ‘a good family photo’ might be a relaxed lifestyle family portrait full of action and fun. Have a chat before the session not to be disappointed later!


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