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What’s the plan B if it rains on the day of the photo shoot?

Auckland weather is very funny. It’s even more true speaking this summer and all the rains which are quite unusual for this time of the year.

outdoor baby family photo shoot Auckland

Usually we have our outdoor photo shoots scheduled in advance, it might be like 3-5 weeks in advance. It means we can’t be really sure what weather we’ll get on the day of the photo shoot. No-one can know that!

The thing is we can’t take photos if it rains on the day. That’s why we have to reschedule for another date. Keep that in mind! It’s just another reason to schedule your maternity session for 30-33 weeks so you might be a little bit more flexible with the time.

Another way to be safe with the photo shoot is to go with a studio or in-home session. Taking photos in a studio or at your place means you are nice and warm. It never rains inside and you don’t depend upon the weather conditions.


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