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Why recommendations are the best way to find a family or baby photographer?

Most requests for photos are coming to me from different sources. I get lots of messages and inquiries through Facebook, Instagram, WA and my web-site. But another, very important way is word-of-mouth and your recommendations.

outdoor maternity photoshoot in Auckland

I believe this way of finding a family photographer is one of the best. It’s even more true speaking about newborn and baby photographer. If you have a friend who had his photo shoot recently and who is happy with the photos and the process - you might want to ask him or her about their photographer. They will be able to tell you how did they feel during the session, were they comfortable with the photographer, if they like the photos, if the communication process was quick and easy and lots of other details.

On the other hand - if you have a friend who’s looking for a photographer or might be interested and you have a positive (or negative) experience with someone - share it! You might be able to help your friend to decide and to answer his/her questions and doubts.

And of course you are always welcome to drop me a message and ask. There’s no silly or funny questions - if you are unsure or need any help, I’m here! Being a first time mum might be tricky and if I can take this stress away from you, that’s great!


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