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Colour schemes in newborn photography

various setups for newborn photography

What colours do you prefer for your upcoming newborn photo session? Do you like maroon, grey and blue for boys and pink and neutral white for girls? Or are you brave enough to see some bright colours? Whichever colours speak to you I can style our newborn photos in any way. I’m open to any suggestions and have lots of various setup options for newborn photography. Wooden baskets, cane trays, bowls and boxes can be decorated with beautiful fresh or artificial flowers in order to add some touch of nature to the photos. Soft and fluffy blankets and layers will show how sweet and cute your precious newborn is. Before the date we can discuss our session, clarify your expectations regarding the outfits and colour schemes, speak about accessories. 
If you want to add something special to the session, it’s absolutely fine! Tell me, and we’ll find the best way to include your personal things into the setups. It can be a toy, a blanket, a beanie, a tieback, a small piece of jewellery, or even your wedding rings. This will make your newborn photos unique and add some personal details into the session.

If you are not sure, it’s fine! Trust me and I’ll style the entire session in classic tones and setups. 
Follow my FB and Instagram pages, browse through the gallery on the web-site, or have

a look at the picture on this page for some inspiration! All these are real setups I made for my newborn sessions.

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