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When babies are apps 3 weeks old they might get lots of red or white spots all over their faces or even the whole body. It’s a normal thing and usually the rash comes off by itself in several weeks. It’s a hormonal acne similar to teen age and there’s nothing to be nervous about. On the other side baby’s skin doesn’t look perfect and you might want to cancel or postpone your newborn photo shoot because of that.

studio newborn and baby photo Auckland

No need at all. Not all but most babies have baby rash. And trust me all babies have skin imperfections such as red splotches, dry skin, pimples, marks, etc. I know you want to see your baby as perfect as s/he is and I can do that.

I edit and retouch the photos removing all skin issues. If you look at my photos you’ll see babies are looking great and their skin is nice and clean. Making this part of my job I still keep the babies real, they are not ‘over-cooked’, ‘over-edited’. I keep the natural texture of their skin, not making it plastic or too soft. I like to see real babies not dolls and hope you prefer that too!


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