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Is it possible to take lifestyle newborn photos if my house is small?

A few days ago I got a question ‘Is it possible to take lifestyle newborn photos if my house is small?’ Sure thing! Let me tell you a story.

lifestyle newborn family photo shoot in Auckland

Some time ago I was taking lifestyle newborn/family photos in a tiny apartment. There was actually a chair, a window, and a spare space 2x2m. There was also a bed but we didn’t use that area for a reason.

And you know what? We created a beautiful gallery of photos. We did individual baby shots, portrait with mum and dad, whole family. We captured sweet bonding moments, hugs and happiness.

I don’t need lots of space or a fancy house to capture the beauty of your little one. I don’t need your house to be a castle with thousands of empty rooms. One room is quite enough. This session is about you, your family, your sweet baby. Hugs and cuddles, some routine moments, tummy time - all those things are to be captured as you’ll treasure them years after. And trust me - real happiness doesn’t need lots of space!


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