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Let's speak baby rash again

The baby in the photos has perfect skin but not all babies are that lucky. When a baby is appx 2-3 weeks old s/he might develop tiny red spots and dry skin flakes all over his/her face and body. It’s absolutely normal and most babies overgrow it. Nothing special is required to do.

auckland studio baby photography

You might get worried if your photo shoot is planned for this time. Let me assure you - baby rash isn’t a stopper. There’s absolutely no need to cancel or reschedule the photo shoot. Editing is a part of my services. All unwanted skin imperfections, dry skin flakes, red spots will be edited out during the post-processing.

auckland studio baby photography

Looking at the photos in my portfolio you might think all babies have perfect skin. It’s not always like this! It’s just a part of my magic done to create beautiful photos for you.


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