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My baby is 2 months old - is it too late for a baby session?

Once your baby is born, your life becomes so busy that it might be hard to think about sth else. You are focused on the baby and your new routine and hardly have any time for other things. Time flies and your baby is growing up. You just blink and he’s 2 months old already. And suddenly you realise that you haven’t done his baby photos yet. Am I talking about you?

studio baby photo shoot Auckland

No stress at all! Even if your baby is 8-9-10 weeks old it’s not too late to go for a baby photo shoot. I have photographed babies up to 3 months old as newborns and I know it’s absolutely possible.

There are some differences between fresh and older babies but these are not that important. Older babies are usually more active and we might have more ‘not sleeping’ photos. From my thinking it’s even more special as we can capture baby’s eyes open and we have a chance to photograph more baby’s smiles. Isn’t it cute?

Some older babies don’t mind swaddles and, if so, we go for it. However, if the baby doesn’t want to be wrapped, no worries at all! I have a good collection of baby outfits which we can use for the session and keep your baby happy.

Of course it’s better to have your baby photo shoot booked before the baby arrives, but if you didn’t have a chance to do so and missed those first 2 weeks - no stress! No matter how old is your baby - drop me a message and I’ll arrange your baby’s photo shoot in my studio or at your place.


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