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Patience - the key thing for baby photography

How many babies do you have? 1? 3? Probably 5? I had more than 400 babies, can’t tell you the exact number as it’s too many! I started my newborn photography nearly 5 years ago and since then I have photographed more than 400 babies of different ages and personalities.

newborn and baby photography Auckland

I guess I have more experience with babies than any parents. I also have my own kids who are not babies any more.

Do you know the main thing I learned from these 5 years? Patience is the key! It’s absolutely normal you feel nervous if your baby cries and you can’t settle him. That’s also normal you feel nervous when it’s your first baby and you literally don’t know what to do and have no one to tell or help you.

The thing is if you want your baby to settle, you should be calm yourself. If you are nervous, your baby will feel that and will be crying. If you try to settle down your self first, your baby will relax and settle too. It might be hard, but worth trying and you’ll be surprised with the result!

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