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Studio or in-home visit?

You are very keen to do a newborn photo shoot and now you are thinking if you should go for an in-home visit or come to the studio? Well, there’s no right or wrong answer here.

studio newborn photography Auckland

Coming to my studio has some pros and cons. Let’s start with pros. It’s a good reason to come out and have a break from your everyday routing with the baby. While I’m taking photos, you can sit and relax (or maybe even have a quick nap, it happens sometimes). I have a big variety of props and accessories here and we can use a prop which wasn’t planned. My studio is nice and warm and you don’t need to worry about cleaning up your space before the photo shoot.

In-home visit has some other pros. You don’t have to travel and get everyone ready for the session. You feel more relaxed in the comfort of your house. I bring my light and props so the photos are as beautiful as if they were taken in a studio. And the most important - in-home visits can be done on a weekend when all your family is home.

No rush to decide the location, you can think it over and see how you and the baby feel when you are back from birth care. Drop me a message then and I’ll arrange it for you.


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