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What do I need for a baby photo shoot?

Try to guess - what’s the only one thing you need when you have a newborn session booked for your baby? Let’s try! Baby clothes? Nope! Nappies? Nope! Baskets and bowls to pose the baby? Nope and nope! This only thing is the baby!

studio newborn baby photo Auckland

When you arrange a baby photo shoot with me, you don’t have to prepare any special clothes or props for the session. I have a wide collection of outfits, wraps, accessories, baby tiny toys, baskets, beds, bowls, etc - anything we might need for the photo shoot. You just bring the baby to my studio or invite me for in-home visit and you don’t need to bother about anything else. Everything we need to photograph your baby is provided by me.

I also can provide dresses and outfits for Mum and older kids, age dependent. I know it might be hard to find a dress or a top which is good for the photo shoot. Your body has changed and not every dress will fit you right you. I can help - my collection of dresses has outfits for postnatal Mums, comfy, good looking and very suitable for a photo shoot.

So, bring your baby for the session and relax - I’ll take care of the rest!


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